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    • 公司行業:電力、能源、礦產業
    • 公司性質:私營企業
    • 公司規模:少于50人
    • 公司地址:上海-松江工業區江田東路225號

    SF6電壓互感器工程師R&D SF6 VT Engineer

    職位編號: 1308817 招聘日期: 2022-07-18 ~ 2024-09-05 招聘部門: 不限
    工資待遇: 面議 工作地點: 上海 招聘崗位: 電氣工程師
    招聘人數: 1人 學歷: 本科 工作年限: 3年以上
    性別要求: 不限 年齡要求: 18歲到60歲 所在地區: 不限
    職位描述: 職位描述:
    In the frame of the 4YP there is the necessity to build a local expertise in RMC; this position requests a strong knowledge in SF6 VT calculation for GIS. The objective is to develop a calculation and design tool for high voltage SF6 Voltage Transformer for the Chinese market.

    1- Research & Development
    Design of ITR products
    2- Technical Expertise
    Expertise in High voltage electrical calculation coil for voltage transformer, Ferro resonance solution.
    3- Technologies
    Analyze, define, advise and implement new solutions for existing products and new products in order to reduce costs and ensure optimized industrialization processes.
    4- EHS and Eco-design
    Contribute to Insure the environment protection and protect the people by implementing AREVA EHS policy
    5 -AREVA Charter Values
    Insure confidentiality
    6- Patents
    Propose and apply for patent in order to protect intellectual property
    面試地址: 上海松江工業區江田東路225號